San Cristobal Academy, Taos New Mexico

San Cristobal AcademyThe San Cristobal Academy is a Transitional Learning Center, where students participate in substance abuse treatment, therapy, and education. The primary focus of these programs is to teach young men (17 and over) important life skills to further develop their ability to personally accountable and responsible and live a successful life. There are four areas of concentration at SCA. These areas are Drug and Alcohol Recovery, Academic Education/Vocational Education, Life Skills, and Emotional and Personal Growth. Through a Therapeutic Learning approach to educational courses and the process of daily living, we can assist in alleviating issues of substance abuse, low self-esteem, anger, depression, lack of self-worth, and school failure.

Our Transitional Living program is divided into three, four-month phases that offer an individually-paced, progressive movement through important transitional phases of emotional growth. During these phases, students are offered opportunities that cumulatively build on each other. By moving from guidance in basic life skills to employment, our students are given the chance to experience, with support, the trials and successes of growing up.

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